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Smoked Porter BBQ Sauce & Grilled Chicken

I finally bought a DSLR! Why on earth did it take me so long to do that?? The day I started this blog I knew I needed to upgrade from ye olde point and shoot. We eat with our eyes and the 6 year old Lumix wasn’t doing the deliciousness justice! Yet, somehow it kept getting […]

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Nut Brown Peach & Blackberry Pie

Growing up, my mom let us pick out what we wanted for dinner on our birthday. I always asked for the same thing: boysenberry apple crumb pie from Julian Pie Company. I’m not sure if it’s the boysenberries that are just sweet enough, the perfectly flakey and buttery crust, or just good ol’ fashioned nostalgia […]

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Chipotle Bison Sloppy Joe’s

Nostalgic dishes are among my favorite. It’s so hard to go wrong with a ‘comfort’ food that reminds you of your childhood. The other great part about this dish? It’ll feed a family. No joke. I fed four people dinner and still managed to have leftovers that lasted through through the weekend (and then some). […]

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Summer Mango Shrimp Salad with Red Hook Wit

I’ve been wanting to feature guest posts for awhile, but have yet to find the courage to ask anyone as I still consider myself new to the blogging scene. Lucky enough, Alissa from Cooking with Surly reached out to me for a cooking with craft beer recipe exchange. A fellow cooking with craft beer gal, […]

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Chipotle Sweet Potato Hash

I love breakfast. How so many people overlook the most important meal of the day baffles me, especially on the weekend. I’ll often spend a full Sunday morning cooking up a feast larger than any dinner from the week. There’s something so satisfying about the savory, sweet, and salty flavors – not to mention breakfast […]

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Pale Ale Hollandaise

Hollandaise is my all time favorite breakfast accompaniment. The rich, creamy texture that’ll coat your fork is oh so satisfying. And the buttery, slightly acidic flavor – divine. My only quarrel: it’ll take over a dish and it’s not the easiest to successfully make. My recipe for hollandaise fixes solves both of those predicaments. The […]

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