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The Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream (with beer)


My first job in High School was at Cold Stone Creamery. I would come home from work covered in sweet cream and smelling of waffle cones with free ice cream in hand. My parent’s freezer was always filled with “love it” sized portions of new flavor combinations. Even with five people, we couldn’t eat ice cream fast enough. The household favorite […]

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Beer-Battered Apple Fritters


Autumn has come and gone. As has Winter. And this recipe has been neglected, stuck as a draft in limbo, since November. BeerBitty began as a way to document my successes and failures incorporating craft beer in recipes. It then became a way to share a love of craft beer and cooking with others. Little […]

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Chocolate Porter Pudding Dirt Cups


The other day I met my 1st Grade Best Friend downtown for Happy Hour. Now that I live in San Diego again, we’ve reconnected. Years can go by, but we always manage to pick up right where we last left off. I love that about her. Back in Elementary School, we were nearly inseparable. We […]

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Blueberry Ricotta Poundcake & a weekend in SLO


The Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival was a couple of weekends ago. Without question, this is one of the best beer festivals I’ve been to in California. Brewers pour, amazing beers flow, and food abounds. Dark Lord, Eclipse, and Black Tuesday.. don’t mind if I do. The best beer of the day? That’s a tough […]

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Pretzel Cups filled with Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Banana


Every office has that person; you know, the one with the candy on their desk? That’s me. I’ve even been thinking about getting season specific baskets, but I’m not that crafty (or motivated). One day! Point of the story: I like to feed people. It’s how I express appreciation, friendship, etc. The candy is an extension of […]

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Nut Brown Apple Cinnamon Muffins


Did I mention one of my recipes was published? No?? Okay, well.. Just over a year ago I moved back to San Diego after 7 years elsewhere. To be completely honest, I dreaded it. The San Diego I remembered was one as an underage scene kid who knew nothing more than all ages venues and […]

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