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Salted Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Porter


Do you say brownies? Or chocolate brownies? Is the latter redundant? I’ve always said brownies, but in this recipe, I think it’s worth emphasizing the chocolate. That’s because this recipe doesn’t yield brownies. Not quite, at least. Instead, it produces a handheld treat that more closely resembles a chocolate cookie. The batter, however, is based on […]

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Donut Muffins with Apples and Nut Brown Ale


The concept for this recipe came to be on a Friday, shortly after 5 o’clock. It happened in the Tasting Room around the second post-work shift pint with co-workers. Fellow Ops Team member Milky Joe casually mentioned that it was his birthday on Monday. That’s when Little Sherwin exclaimed that it was his Birthday, as well! […]

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Banana Beer Bundt Cake with Chocolate Stout Ganache


Where did this week go? New York City Beer Week kicked off last Friday and the days that followed were lost to several exciting events, one too many delicious beers, and a rough morning or two. Needless to say, this post didn’t get posted as planned. But it’s here now! This recipe is perfect for when you find […]

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Flourless Chocolate Stout Cake with Framboise Raspberry Sauce and Vodka Whipped Cream


This cake is elegantly simple. Cocoa powder provides a tender, fine crumb while high-quality chocolate adds a richness that’s balanced by a bit of sugar and complemented by the bitter and roasted notes of stout. But it’s also slightly sultry. When drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce made with reduced framboise and topped with a dollop of vodka […]

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Ginger Cookies with Stout and Molasses


This is one of my absolute favorite cookie recipes. I originally posted it for Christmas last year and recently made two batches because I love them so much (and because I forgot to take a picture of the first batch). The inspiration for them comes from my Father who absolutely loves anything with maple or molasses. […]

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Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole with Black Pepper Marshmallows, Bacon, and Pecans


Growing up, my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish was sweet potato casserole. I loved the cut sweet potatoes from a Princella can mixed with brown sugar and crushed pineapple and topped with a golden brown and gooey blanket of melted marshmallows. It was a sugar bomb and I couldn’t get enough. These days, sweet potato casserole […]

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