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Oh, hi.


Blog overhaul! I’m quite keen on how it’s coming along. There’s something to be said about keeping it clean and simple. While the changes aren’t that extreme, I would like to mention the addition of the printer friendly option on posts. Can I get a hallelujah? No more wasted ink or having to copy & paste! A variation on the Beer Bitty logo is also in the works to lighten up the left side a smidgen. Admittedly, I’m somewhat O.C.D. when it comes to that sort of thing. This doesn’t exactly warrant a full post, though, huh?

Here’s the post worthy part:

I never thought anyone except me would read this blog. I intended to make a recipe archive and that’s exactly what happened. If you go back to the original posts, well, let’s just say they weren’t in their prime. The food tasted great, but you would never know based on the recipe layout and photography. During those days there was no following, no intention to develop it into anything more.. just a girl who loved beer and cooking and found herself with some free time.

I’m not quite sure where or when this blog went from an occasional past time to people recognizing me by my handle, but it happened fairly quickly. A shout out from the Austin Beer Guide last year certainly helped. Before I knew it, my views per day more than doubled.

An increase in readers led to an increase in time spent working on the blog, but the recipe archive stayed a recipe archive. It’s time for that to change. Food is personal. The recipes should be, too.

So what can you expect?

Better photographs. I finally caved in and bought a DSLR and am slowly, but surely, learning how to use it. I’m also teaching myself more about lighting, food staging, and editing. Bear with me as cameras have never been my forte – d’oh.

Stories. Perhaps I’ll tell you about that time I quit life and moved to Barcelona. Or the days of living in the Lower Haight with Metal Heads and cat named Renegade Lemmy. Maybe I’ll share my secret to beer as a pickup line. Or tell you about the one time it failed. There will definitely be stories about life in Texas, the leap of faith that led to a job in craft beer, and this adorable Basset Hound named Adeline.

Recipes. And lots of them. Because, after all, that’s what this blog is about: combining a passion for craft beer with a passion for cooking.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and for turning Beer Bitty into something so much more than just a recipe archive. Now go on.. grab a beer and start cooking!


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