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Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole with Black Pepper Marshmallows, Bacon, and Pecans

Growing up, my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish was sweet potato casserole. I loved the cut sweet potatoes from a Princella can mixed with brown sugar and crushed pineapple and topped with a golden brown and gooey blanket of melted marshmallows. It was a sugar bomb and I couldn’t get enough. These days, sweet potato casserole […]

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash tossed in a Warm Bacon and Brown Ale Vinaigrette with Sage and Toasted Pecans

I love to roast vegetables, particularly Autumn vegetables once the weather cools down. I love the warmth of the oven and the smell of concentrating sugars that fills the air. I love to bundle up in an oversized sweater and play music too loud while the kitchen timer keeps track of the time until dinner. And thank goodness for […]

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Soft Pretzel Bites made with Oktoberfest

Homemade Soft Pretzels are a thing of beauty – soft and chewy with a darkened exterior accented by flecks of coarse salt. They’re perfect on their own, but also make a fantastic delivery device for a variety of mustards and dips. When cut into a bite size before baking, they’re an ideal party appetizer or […]

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Beer Battered + Fried Green Beans

My family’s favorite restaurant is Panda Machi. It opened in Alpine, California – my hometown – years ago when I was in Middle School. We had dinner there nearly every week. Granted, there were only a few sit down restaurants in Alpine at the time, but Panda Machi was the favorite. And for good reason. […]

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Broccoli Cheddar Pale Ale Soup

Whew! I made it back from the Craft Brewer’s Conference in one piece! My flight home from Washington D.C. landed at 11pm last night only for me to unpack my suitcase and find a casualty. The TSA ‘inspected’ my suitcase and, well, fare ye well Breakfast Stout; my clothes will smell of you in memory […]

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Caraway Soda Bread Pudding with Irish Cheddar

How’s that for a mouthful.. Caraway Soda Bread Pudding with Irish Cheddar. Whew. And while that may sound difficult to make, it couldn’t be more simple. Soda bread is a beautiful thing because there’s no yeast involved. I love baking bread, but I seldom have the patience to wait out the rise/knead/rise/knead process. Soda bread, […]

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